Welcome! We are a SAFE SPACE in Lake Ozark, MO and Rolla, MO.

We believe in planned parenthood

We do so much more than you think.



  • urine (pee) tests with results in 5 minutes
  • serum (blood) tests with results in 2 days
  • preconception care - help with getting healthy before getting pregnant
  • basic infertility care - help with getting pregnant
  • FREE prenatal vitamins for women who are pregnant 

We trust you to make 

the best choices for your 

health and well-being.

We have contact information for

  • prenatal care
  • adoption/foster care

Due to harmful changes to our federal funding made by the Trump Administration, we are not allowed to tell people where they can get abortion services. We are also required to give a list of prenatal care providers to all clients with a positive pregnancy test result. 



  • Pap smears 
  • annual well-woman exams
  • tests and treatment for vaginal infections like yeast and bacterial vaginosis (BV)
  • tests and treatment for urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  • PrEP
  • hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women
  • feminizing hormone therapy for transgender women - must be 18 or older and continuation of already established care, first visit in Rolla
  • colposcopy - only in Rolla
  • employment physicals - $35.00, only in Rolla, must be 18 or older (Sorry, no DOT employment physicals.)



  • community education programs
  • public affairs activities
  • fundraising activities
  • contact information for other health and social services providers
  • medically factual information about birth control and sexual health
  • information to help families talk more comfortably about sex and growing up

Nervous about your first pelvic exam and Pap smear?

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